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 Capoeira class in Budapest 

Get fit and let's play

What is Capoeira

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Strength & Flexibility

Capoeira movements require a lot of upper body and lower body and core strength. And capoeira exercises work on building this strength. Yes, capoeira is strength training too


Friendship & Community

Capoeira is not just a physical movement or a training routine. Besides of it We always do lots of other activities together.
Sweating twice a week and staying away from new friendships: it is really rare in Capoeira.


Dance & Acrobatics

In capoeira, We do a lot of handstands, back flips and movements like these. Capoeira also gave birth to a lot of dance forms. Like samba. And maculelê. And Break Dance.


Travel & Culture

When You start taking capoeira classes You became a member of a worldwide community instantly. Capoeira is our own couchsurfing platform because We not just train together, but We have common interest in culture, music and hobby.


20:00 - 21:30
18:30 - 20:00

Czako Sportcenter,
Czakó Street. 2-4, 1016 Budapest

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Tel: +3670 6671969


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