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Long Weekend Capoeira Angola Workshop

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

[click here for Hungarian version]

You only need 3 things for an unforgettable Capoeira Weekend, and we were lucky to have all of them at our workshop in March:

  • 1 noted capoeira master, in this case CM Toicinho

  • 3 days of intensive capoeira classes and music lessons

  • and you guys, a bunch of talented and enthusiastic people!

CM Toicinho turned our 3 day workshop into an authentic Brazilian Capoeira Weekend! Thanks to we got the opportunity to have a bit of a taste of a very special style of capoeira - the so called Capoeira Angola.

Contra-Mestre Toicinho

Capoeira Angola differs from other capoeira styles. Here is the most visible the “hidden fight in dance” which is capoeira so famous about. During this kind of fight the opponents use lots of body expressions to trick each other and also use dynamic near-ground movements. The precisely implemented kicks and acrobatics make the fight playful but physically demanding in the same time. Also the games are much longer than in other capoeira styles.

And what we have been doing during the 3 days?

Doing Roda

Let’s clear at first - what is this “roda” exactly? Roda means ‘circle’ in Portuguese. When we are “doing roda”, we are all building up in a big circle, and 2 opponents are fighting in the middle of this circle. Doing roda is the time for you to shine as Capoeirista! Here you can present all the tricks and kicks which you had been practicing before. Capoeiristas often refere to the fight as a “game”. It is because the aim of capoeira is not to defeat your opponent only by using force and muscles. How much more entertaining is to beat someone just with a slight trick which is implemented into an acrobatical dance movement?

Training Sessions

Thanks to the well built training sessions we enrached with spectacular capoeira movements and new kinds of attack and defense methods. We started with the basics of angola and moved froward to the more complicated elements. We all profited from the capoeira traninigs and sore was not the only thing we could take home. ;)

Playing Music

It is a common knowledge that Angola-Capoeiristas (Angoleiros) are excellent musicians. For instance our guest, CM Toicinho brought dozens of handcrafted instruments to Hungary. So we also had the chance to play on his original Brasilian instruments, creating a great ambiance for our Roda-s!

And as it is usual, at the end of the workshop we had a few drink together in our favorite bar.

Capoeira Angola Workshop

But we will not stop here! We have just started to organise our next workshop with other noted capoeira teachers from all around the world. Until now, come and prepare yourself for the upcoming workshops with us. Click here to see our capoeira classes.

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