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One-hour constant Capoeira session

(Hungarian version here)

Yesterday we had a really cool training session!

In the last few months the topic of our lack of stamina came up many times.

We have 3 capoeira classes a week and still: we are limited to only one game. If somebody buys the game and would like to play with us, then we are in trouble: the quality of our second game will decrease drastically due to our lack of stamina.

I was thinking a lot about this contradiction. Finally, I found that the reason is in our training method:

We have 1.5 hour long training session 3 times a week, but we hold the Roda only in the last 15 minutes.

Normally, in the Roda, a Capoeirista has three or four 30 seconds long games. That's 6 mins of Jogo per week...

A few years ago (10 years actually) I've heard that Mestre Cobra Mansa doesn't have trainings. What he does is to play a lot. So I got the idea from him for the yesterday's training session:

The rules are simple:

  • We build up small circles with flat cones as much as we get together (divided by two ☺️)

  • All Jogo takes 1 minute with a half minute of break

  • After 3 games we switch partners

  • We continue this for 1 hour

  • In order to be easy to handle, we use a Tabata application.

It was fun. And, of course, we got tired!

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And if you are interested in training, attend to our capoeira beginner class in Budapest:

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